Millicoma students visit Charleston Marine Life Center

Students at Millicoma School received a hands-on lesson Wednesday, as they were able to see many of the sea creatures that live right around us every day.

During a visit to the Charleston Marine Life Center, the students got the rare opportunity to visit the institute with a first-hand lesson from Director Trish Mace. As Mace and volunteers led the students through the facility, the described the many exhibits.

The students learned about massive starfish, a variety of crabs and even a giant Pacific octopus that currently calls the center home.

Upstairs, the students learned about whales - with teeth and without - different sea birds and much more. Two of most popular exhibits – skeletons or a killer whale and a gray whale – washed ashore in Coos County.

And the learning continued by getting their hands dirty … or wet. As part of the field trip, the students got to touch creatures in the area, starfish, anemones and more.