Coos Bay Schools Community Foundation awards a record in grants

The Coos Bay Schools Community Foundation recently announced a record amount of grants to assist teachers and staff at all seven schools in the Coos Bay School District.

The grants are meant to help teachers provide programming and activities that are not funded through the traditional budgeting process.

The Coos Bay Schools Foundation was created in 2007 with the goal of using community donations to assist the schools in the district.

In 2022, 64 applications were received, and 51 grants were approved, totaling close to $46,000.

Eastside received 12 grants for nine teachers and staff members. The grants ranged in size from $178.50 for bare books and Sharpies to $1,330 for art materials and snacks for reading curriculum units.

At Madison, there were nine grants awarded to nine teachers, ranging from $300 for hands-on learning seasonal thematic units to $1,473.97 for STEAM exploration manipulatives.

Millicoma School received two grants, including the largest grant in the cycle. The Foundation awarded a grant for $4,929.05 for 10 Legon Spike prime robot kits and nine Lego Spike prime expansion kits.

Sunset School received three grants, the largest for $1,783 for two drum sets, two electric guitars and a steel jumple jam.

Marshfield Junior High received 10 grants to 10 different teachers. The grants ranged from $478 for four or five digital cameras and 25 to 30 yearbooks to $2,406 for volleyball training equipment and a volleyball referee stand.

Marshfield High School received the most grants, with 13 grants awarded to 11 teachers. The grants ranged from $415 for two volleyball carts to $1,400 for uniforms for the Battle of the Books program.

Destinations Academy received two grants, including a $1,000 grant for 15 students to attend Romeo & Juliet, with travel lodging and meals.

The Foundation also made three additional awards that traditionally fall outside of the four areas of the CBSCF mission: Arts, Academics, Activities, and Athletics.

The Foundation was able to award two grants that came from the Judith Ann Mogan Foundation, which awarded $18,100 to the ARK Project and to help school nurses meet immediate needs of students. The CBSCF applied for the grants which the Mogan Foundation awarded and passed the funding to the ARK Project and the school nurses.

The CBSCF also awarded $800 from the new Nancy Girt Legacy Fund to the principals at Madison and Eastside schools to help meet the needs of students in crisis.

The Coos Bay Schools Community Foundation was formed during 2007 to promote programs in the arts, academics, activities and athletics for the benefit of the students attending the Coos Bay School District by raising funds through community partnerships. The Foundation is a community-based, not-for-profit organization separate from the Coos Bay School District. To learn more about the Coos Bay School Community Foundation and how you might donate, visit the CBSCF website,

Coos Bay Schools Community Foundation Grants


$1,092.52. Items to enhance ELA curriculum

$314.70 - Letter & sound magnets & foldable, magnetic dry erase board

$300.00 - Chapter books & flashlights

$435.00 - materials to increase student engagement

$353.32 - (4) Grouping Chair pockets

$1,330.00 - Art materials and snacks for reading curriculum units

$1,151.70 - Scholastic news and subscriptions

$825.00 - Items to help new curriculum, Amplify.

$178.50 - Bare books & sharpies

$191.84 - STEM bin items & photo storage boxes

$573.85 - Double sided teaching easel

$178.62 Art supplies, paint and modeling clay



$1,300.00 - School supplies for students who cannot pay the supply fee

$500.00 - Art supplies

$617.00 - Math intervention compartments

$1,473.97 - STEAM exploration manipulatives

$492.00 - Seat sacks to store notebooks, white boards & workbooks

$300.00 - hands on learning seasonal thematic units

$450.00 - chair pockets and desk bells

$1,400.00 - Gymnastics equipment

$913.41 - Trade books, art supplies & games for ELA instruction



$210.00 - Courtyard Registration, bird house wall & tree mount

$4,929.05 - (10) Lego Spike prime robot kit & (9) Lego spike prime expansion kits



$500.00 - LAPS Program incentives & prizes

$1,783.00 - (2) Drum Sets (2) electric guitars & steel jumple jam

$450.00 - Leadership program t-shirts & snacks for school year



$774.24 - Parachutes, bowling pins, economy hoop packs & dodgeballs

$650.00 - Popcorn machine & supplies, school competition prizes

$800.00 - Video game competition registration, license software and meal stipend

$1,200.00 - (40) track uniforms each for boys & girls

$1,000.00 - Wrestling warm up tops

$670.00 - Set of 4 stream table kits

$478.00 - (4-5) digital cameras, (25-30) yearbooks plus shipping

$1,275.00 - Procedure, recognition and school statement boards

$2,406.00 - Volleyball training equipment & volleyball referee stand

$1,000.00 - Art storage shelves/containers & boxes, drying racks, digital camera, label maker & maker supplies



$1,280.00 - 16 softball helmets

$712.80 - basic supplies for the social studies dept. (markers, glue, colored pencils, scissors)

$673.00 - Gas metal melting furnace

$1,045.00 - Marshfield Time printing costs

$1,400.00 - Romeo & Juliet show for 30-50 students

$1,400.00 - Uniforms for the Battle of the Books program

$460.00 - Grow lights to grow vegetables

$889.00 - 3D Printer and filament

$415.00 - (2) volleyball carts

$799.00 - Dance team practice uniforms & portable speaker

$579.99 - Rollaway rackaway drying rack

$1,200.00 - Art fees for students who can't afford the class cost

$1,000.00 - Shelving, racks, display cases and signage for MHS student store



$648.99 - Countertop convection oven and cooking items & utensils

$1,000.00 - 15 Students to attend Romeo & Juliet along with travel, lodging, meal for 2 nights