Millicoma students help decorate Shore Acres

Holly Yovino’s fourth-grade class at Millicoma School has been given the opportunity to help with decorations in the Shore Acres Garden house as part of Shore Acres holiday lights display that opens Thanksgiving night.

The fourth graders made snowmen stocking ornaments which will be on display from Thanksgiving until New Year’s downstairs by the kitchen in the garden house.

Yovino’s class has been making ornaments for the display since 2015, but the Shore Acres display was closed the last two years due to COVID.

Yovino wanted to let parents of her students know the group in charge of decorations has offered to put each student’s name on a display to give them credit for making ornaments. The plan is to have the sign to say Miss Yovino’s class and then the student’s first name and the first letter of the child’s last name. Yovino is asking parents to give their permission to be able to have their child’s name on the display. It will look something like the example below:

Miss Yovino’s Fourth Grade Class

Bailey B., Raiden B., Violet B., Avia C. S., Adam D., and so on until the whole class is listed.

If you have a problem with your child’s name being listed or any questions, please contact Yovino.

“When I discussed the project with the class last week, it sounded like they are as excited as I am for this special chance to get involved with decorating our community for Christmas,” Yovino said.