Coos Bay Schools looking for volunteers for Equity Advisory Committee

Coos Bay Schools looking for volunteers for District Equity Advisory Committee

At Coos Bay Public Schools, our mission is to meet the educational needs of every student. To help reach that goal, Coos Bay Public Schools will form a district Equity Advisory Committee (EAC), and we invite you to nominate yourself or someone else. Only people who attend, work at, or reside within the Coos Bay School District boundary are eligible for participation.

The Oregon Legislature passed SB 732, which requires the establishment of an educational equity advisory committee in each school district to advise school boards and superintendents about the educational equity impacts of policy decisions and to inform district leaders when situations arise that negatively impact underrepresented students.

We are looking for student, parent/guardian, staff and community member volunteers representing traditionally underserved groups to work together to advise the district in ways we can improve. If you or someone you know represents the following groups, we would like to hear from you.

  • Students of Color 
  • Tribal students 
  • English Language Learners 
  • Students navigating poverty 
  • Students experiencing houselessness 
  • Students with disabilities 
  • Women and girls 
  • Rural communities

The Coos Bay Public Schools Board Directors and Superintendent will choose 10 to 15 community members to join the EAC. The committee will meet every other month and will discuss issues vital to the success of traditionally underserved students. The committee will then advise the School Board and Superintendent on changes the district can make to better meet the needs of those, and all, students.

Nominations must be completed and submitted by November 7, 2022, for consideration. The Equity Advisory Committee will be approved and contacted by November 18, 2022. [Add link to nomination form]

Information about the District Equity Advisory Committee 

What is the Coos Bay Public Schools District Equity Advisory Committee? 

The District Equity Advisory Committee will advise the Superintendent and the School Board in matters relating to the equity impacts of policies, education, and student experiences. 

Why did you ask which student group I represent? 

ORS 329.711 and OAR 581-022-2307 define student groups to be represented in the District Equity Advisory Committee. The membership in this committee must overrepresent underserved student groups. 

How many people will be selected for this committee? 

Membership on this 10–15-member committee will be representative of our diverse student groups and include mostly parents and guardians.


How will members for the committee be selected? 

The Superintendent will recommend committee members selected from completed applications for School Board approval. 

When will I hear if I am selected? 

The District Equity Advisory Committee will be approved and contacted by November 18, 2022. The superintendent's office will notify you ahead of the November 14, 2022, board meeting. 

How much time will be needed to serve on this committee? 

The time commitment is approximately two hours every other month with additional time to prepare for the meeting. 


If you're interested in nominating yourself or another person please use these links: English | Spanish