Principal vs. Principal - Pie in the Face Fundraiser

It all comes down to who has the most donations in their jar. Come to find out that these two principals have known each other for several years as they have gone to school together. Now several years later, they are colleagues with the same status title, have a passion to help kids and are working adjacent from one another in different buildings. Wow, it is funny how life works!

Well, the lucky "victim" on the receiving end of the pieing was Gary Roberts, Millicoma Principal (video link), with the most money in his jar. Gary graciously accepted the "gift" from Kara and took the pie in the face. Thank you, Gary, Kara and Millicoma and Eastside staff for participating in the Pie in the Face fundraiser. I have no doubt that the childhood bond between Gary and Kara is even stronger because of this event. 😁 

This concludes the Pie in the Face fundraiser. All donations received have gone towards the 1st Annual BACC Education & Workforce Student Scholarship Foundations. 

Thank you Everyone!

Stacy Gulseth

Marshfield Educational Assistant

Marshfield Key Club Advisor

BACC Education and Workforce Committee, Co-Chair