Principal's Message

Michelle Barton
I personally want to thank you, our Millicoma parents and families, for your support of our school and your student this year. Many of you have volunteered for field trips, class parties, PTSA, or classroom events and we are grateful for all the time which has been dedicated to the success of our students. Having families involved and active in our school makes a huge difference for our students! Thank you!
I also want to let you know that I will not be the principal at Millicoma next school year. I am taking another position within the school district in Human Resources. It has been such a pleasure to be at Millicoma.  I have enjoyed getting to know students, families and parents over the last three years. There are many things that I am proud of accomplishing in my time here. I am proud that over the last three years we have increased our technology in the classrooms to an almost 1:1 device to student ratio! Kids are using chrome books daily and are creating some wonderful projects with this technology. I am also incredibly excited that during my time here we have been able to have our 6th graders go to Outdoor School once again. The experience is a wonderful opportunity for our students to learn outside of the classroom and develop environmental awareness. These are just the highlights. Each day has been a pleasure and I feel blessed to have been here.
I will miss everyone tremendously! The district carefully selected Mr. Gary Roberts to be the new principal. Without a doubt, Mr. Roberts will keep up the good work happening at Millicoma.
I wish you a healthy and happy summer!
Principal, Millicoma School